With the new administration in Annapolis came new challenges.

BOOST, Maryland’s flagship school choice program came under unprecedented threat during the 2023 legislative session. Here are a gathering of articles, news stories and media interviews that showcased the struggle to save the program and its ultimate successful outcome.

Lawmakers Reach Deal on BOOST 03/31/2023

Clock is Ticking on BOOST Decision 03/29/2023

Rabbi Ariel Sadwin on C4 and Bryan Nehman 03/26/2023

Senate Votes to Keep BOOST Funding 03/23/2023

Senate President Supports Fully Funding BOOST 03/06/2023

Rabbi Ariel Sadwin on C4 and Bryan Nehman 03/06/2023

Students Lobby in Annapolis 03/06/2023

School Students Protest Budget Cuts 03/03/2023

Students Rally for BOOST Program 03/02/2023

BOOST Program Gains Key Support 02/24/2023